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i’m back …

so i know i feel off on my blogs …
so much has happened

i’m back in DC now …

i actually have blogs from that last week that i’ve started but never finished …
so now … they are outdated so i need to go back and edit them.

the stories to tell from my last week in paris:

in the club!
shut up hoodie hood & take a walk w/ your mother.
you can’t get this kind in the US!
the beat down!
club impala is closed so … let party across the street!
meeting at the 404
blade on the beat box!
U street on oberkampf street in west african spot!

but for now …
i’ll just drop you some pics & videos about what’s been going on …

this is my dude … don king … i’m not gonna tell the story yet but i will soon … u’ll see how we make it happen in the future!

these are the people that kept me busy w/ adventures and why i didn’t blog that entire last week while i was in paris!

and weusi & don’s angels!!!

and there were so many more ppl … as soon as u get those pics i’ll share them!

but you know what … for now … here …
this is a peek of the BLADE on the beat box story!
this is BLADE MC, a emcee and beatbox that is incredible!!!

oh …

and tonight i’ll be writing about my return to DC …
lessons learned …
the story …

thank u for being patient …

and for my peoples in paris … i’m gonna keep blogging so that you can see how we get down in dc.

happy new year!



catacombs, christmas and more

So … what you are about to get is a piece of my mind …
this are notes from more than a week of events …
again they are going to be a little scattered and incomplete sometimes … but hey … who really cares … anway … i’ve got pictures on my phone but I have to wait to get them off then you’ll see them!

Ok so …

let s flash back to the 12/23/09

It’s 10:12 on the east coast of america … but i’m in paris france where it’s 4:12 am

i’ve just come home after a 5 hr trek to and through the underground tunnels of paris!

Dopeness at ground level! And I mean ground level as in ground water. We tread through the water thanks to 6 euro knee high rubber boots and faced the darkness with 4 euro 7 LED headlamps, lit the evenings jam session with free candles from rockstar cuz’s house and the most expensive part of the 5 hrs experience were the 2 hrs spent lost … can you say PRICELESS!!!

A mini-castle, clean ground water, gargoyle heads, drunk tour guides, home made liquor from spain, graffatti, battery powered guitar amps, tags that said “goonies, we live, and fuck you”, 2 gated exits, the scream, desperado beer, wet socks, egyptians, a spur of the moment thought abut beating the tour guides ass for getting us lost, the beach, a redeeming trek to the exit, violent thoughts, few funny pictures on my phone and the remembrance of a christmas eve from a labyrinth of madness like i’ve never experienced before.

did i mention there was some incredible art down here!?!

no these aren’t my pics … but i have almost these exact pics on my phone camera!

ok so … these were my thoughts immediately after the experience

but then i wrote this the following day …

it’s dec 25 … christmas day … i’m in paris

rock star cuzs’ friends, Farmer& c-rock the tea walla!, were with us in the catacombs … and they agreed that it was all a metaphor of life.

Rock star cuz described the event as a school friend trip that went wrong! kinda like the bus breaks down and your like “yea … the adventure goes on” then you realize “damn we need the bus to get home!”

this is how i kinda saw the experience. We go deep beneath the surface of ourselves just for the adventure sometimes. To check out what’s going on. Many times we’re guided by the inspiration of someone that we don’t really know. sometimes it’s a parable, a quote, a mantra, a book, an idea … but, in the end we make the decision. How we implement that decision is often largely influenced by the resources that are bought to the table by those that are closest to us. If we were to design & construct a car it still wouldn’t run w/o the tires. Our friends are our tires. They have their rubber on the road and allow us to move in various directions. Good tires are important to a car for many reasons. They influence how far you go on a tank of gas and can stop your progress if they aren’t durable. They also deal with potholes, bad weather and have to be aware of vandals too. So … all that to say it’s important to surround ourselves with people with shared principles that we trust and that are smart, visionary, fearless, balanced, guided, hard working, loving and creative. Well those are the standards for my people-my peoples! [in retrospect … it was late … I was tired. But it sort of made sense!?!]

Then there was christmas … i’m not gonna go into my anti holiday rant … i’m turning a new leafe for 2010 … no i’m not celebrating a bunch of stuff but I will be more involved in utilizing time away from work to gather and enjoy friends and family.

ok i’m fading it’s 4 am


stuff … world, bazaar, fear, univerbal, hayti, goddis, china, mocky, washington, return

DIG IT … i had issues w/ embedding videos in this and i don’t know html enough to really look at this stuff thoroughly so i did what i could … SOOOO
do click the link (right click into and open another window if you want)

right now … the house is full of people and they are all talking about art and life and stuff and i’m focused on this keyboard. yes it’s a little anti-social but hey … i’m not as social as people think and i need to write this. actually …
i took a break from writing … and ate. and now we’re going on a tour of the parisian underground!

so … last night i’m sitting at a table of world travelers. cats are telling stories about spain, australia, new zealand, all over europe and asia, numerous countries in africa, the middle east, north, south and central america, for real … world travelers. and who are they … a farmer, a poet, a tattoo artist, a photographer, leathersmith and me. everyone is special and holds a sense of magic magic in their own right. the rest have long embraced their powers. i’ve recognized mine, but even now, i’m struggling to embrace the shine. it’s a constant battle. i know i’m destine for great things but i don’t feel prepared for fame or wealth at times in part because there was a time in my life where i let money guide my actions. i was a money hungry monster. now success scares me sometimes. i know the kind of success that i’m destine for is larger than “U” street. but “U” street has a great way for me to practice being successful. i know there have been some battles with self discipline that i have lost on u street. now i’m weary of bigger success at times. but hey … i’ve grown and over come issues too. i tell others that far too often we focus on our losses instead of seeing all the things we’ve accomplished. as i write this … i’m starting to feel pretty good about some of the things i’ve done. i’m feeling hella humbled right now.

random thought: i’m still trying to shake this fear thing. and … i’m a little messed up because i realized that i am 3 weeks behind schedule on my work on getting settled back in dc. i need to redo my resume and get back into the habit of punching a clock. and a lot more. i really do think i’m superdude and i get mad at myself for having human limitations sometimes!

anyway … i’ll be back in the states soon enough. it’s a daunting feeling. i feel like i’m just starting to get in the mix of things here heavy … but now i need to start to wrap my head around my return. but i’m not ready … yet at the same time … i am in a space that is really different from when i left. i like the hustle but i don’t need it like i thought i did. i know i need stability to move forward. i know now that i can write better than i thought i could. i know now that i often gain a lot by doing nothing. i look forward to sitting somewhere and doing nothing in DC. i wanna write more. i want to continue this blog thing. i feel connected to the art of writing now. i like it. i want to make time to do it in my life. (haha that sounds so stoic!)

recently … i’ve been reminded that i work best (more, efficiently, longer, harder, smarter) when a part of a team. i’m looking for the right team. i think that i’m ready to be on a team. i’ve got some people around me that i feel are ready to fill the roles needed. if you’re ready … lets go! 😉

ok … now for the fun stuff …

on sunday i went to this holiday marketplace bazaar thingy …

it was cool. in this nice big grand hall and it had live performances and fashion shows. it was a afri-carribean focused event that highlighted hayti.

some of the acts were …
a hip hop artist named alibi montana (i wish i knew where he got that name from!)

mellisa laveaux … a dope hatian/french/candian on NO FORMAT Records distributed by universal records france.

the headline was a hatian band called company creole … i can’t find any links to them so come back in a few days i’ll have it!

i was there as a guest of my peoples romain & ferricia of UNIVERBAL which put out the album Enfants Soldats. i mess with these cats because they not only good people but they are also about their biz. 80% of the proceeds of the albums sales goes to an organization in the congo that is actively working against youth soldiering and re-integration. (remember to check the links!)

it was a a cool event …

and i met this cat mike sylla
who has a wealth of things going on! So … the funny thing about this dude is that we’re talking and he’s telling me about his art, his store, his poetry and his play and then says … “you know queen godis!” check the video’s on the link!

oh … and the other day i met a dope jazz vocalist china moses who has a rock project in addition to this jazz project.

only 14% of us citizens have passports … even if you can’t get t ticket anywhere right now … get one … JUST IN CASE!!!

i gotta learn html!

like cold, affirmation, poem, wildcookie, super viral brothers, d’joln, christ like

yo …

i didn’t even go outside today … why? IT’S STILL TOO COLD!!!
like … it’s hella COLD!!!

ok so i wrote out the things i wanted for the winter solstice and i’m gonna make symbols visual representations of them and hang them here in the apartment … since i don’t really get down with the christmas thing (for a number of reasons this) this will be my ritual for the new year

these are the things i request of the universe …

clarity in my personal, artistic, emotional and professional life, fearlessness and an abundant inflow of love, fiscal wealth (from multiple sources), discipline (self & assisted) and stability, in the form of a new & creative job … in a warm place that pays me what i believe i am worth!

writing out your those things is a great exercise to do monthly.
and honestly i didn’t write them out here as detailed as a did in my journal. what? u can’t blame me for wanting to keep my biz my biz sometimes!

i did have a creative thought … it’s kinda a stream of thought thing but not … but sort of … well here it is …

i looked up … the sun
to my left a rainbow
my then my eyes dropped into a dream
right, you were.

i looked down and watched a tear fall
to the top of a cloud
and to my left and saw the sunset
high was the moon
right you were … again.

but that was then …
silence speaks
and whispers curse at my spirit in surround sound
strong arming my soul
engulfing me like a stagnant funk
clutched by a churches
voiceless stench of pious misconduct


rebounding drops of air lift me past pains threshold
here in to the reality i find myself bound
music won’t free you anymore … for free
like kunta’s solo steps the dance is done
imagination lost in the math of a snowflake
and the icy crash of winter spit on concrete streets
where love is the fox maimed by the hunters and hounds

the end(i just edited it 22.12.09)

and this was the sunset today!

and yo … don’t forget … this is the most depressing time of the year for many people … don’t take for granted that people are in a joyous holiday spirit … or that they even celebrate or give a rats ass about the holidays!

and remember if you are giving to the community at christmas that’s not being christ like … being christ like is when you do it all the time … all year long.
lets work on that …

try being a kind person first …
then try being kind to your self …
then try being kind to other people … JUST BCUS …



it’s cold …

i don’t like being cold …

i was up until early this morning writing. 9ish i lifted my head and looked out the window. it was snowing! i cringed … then i quickly tucked my head under my covers and feel asleep for another 2hrs!

it’s cold … real cold … it was -2 c today!
i say already that i don’t like to be cold!

did i tell youthat my bed is in the “sun cove” … whisch means is surrounded by windows … which measns in the summer it’s beautiful … and in the winter … the wall that i sleep next to … is 7 floors up and COLD as (add you own explitive)!

but i’m in paris … so i went out! … i put on a layer of clothes for each floor i was up! and hit the streets

plus, not only will many people never have the chance to make this trip, (i heard less than 50% of US citizens have passports and only 20% off the african-american community have them! now the reasons & history behind that is another blog!)i wanted to get some food (and a baguette!)

and i think that’s was really chery lynn “to be real”


who would be interested in doing a 1 week artist exchange in paris … and then hosting a artist for week later in the summer? gig swap, work together, exhibit, do joint shows, sight see, etc … let me know who’s interested and then watch me do my thing!!!

or if you are open to hosting a artist let me know.

i said i was gonna connect the dots … watch me …