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Me … You … Biggie … Haiku 

By Weusi Baraka

1. Me

For a long time i identified and defined myself through the lens of the community that i served. My life has changed. Now, husband, father, homeowner and student are the words i’ve used most often to describe myself. These are cool but i’m kinda lost out here. i miss my old community. i miss my role in the community and having positive impact on people beyond my family. 

2. You

i started writing this blog regularly as the things around me started to change. 

i want to make some changes in my life. Writing more is one of the things i feel that i NEED to do on a regular basis. 

i tend to respond to community more effectively than self motivation. Because of this i am asking for your help with this desire to write. if you have my email or phone number, holler at me and ask why i haven’t written in a while. If you don’t have my personal info then leave a comment. If you have a question that you would like me to address, holler at me. Just make sure that i write.

3. Biggie

Today is the anniversary of Biggie’s murder. He deserves to be recognized. BUT … He was a great emcee not a national or international influence. There are a bunch of people who were not effected by his life, music or death. Because of this, i kinda wanna set the record straight that he was murdered not assassinated. And yes, i know, people always give me the arguement that there were government influnces but if that was the defining factor of an assassination then every crackhead that died or person shot by an officer (justly or u justly) would be an assassination. Anyway … RIP Biggie …

4. Haiku

Words don’t write themselves 

but they are birthed from the wind

And heart gives them life

*i haven’t written in a while so I’m a lil rusty, sorry.


35 things that you might not know about me …

Some things many don’t know about me …
(honestly … these are not that deep … if you wanna know something just ask)

1. i don’t like crowds … but i occasionally work in a industry that forces me to deal with it.

2. i love PROCESS (the word, idea and action!)

3. i used to DJ

4. i used to had locs for 11 yrs

it was serious … real serious!

5. i have a sister and nephew that i LOVE & they live in DC

thank you @jatiphoto

6. i’m a balance of both positive and critical (… some say that means that i am mean w/ a smile)

7. i don’t like too many people but i’m good with people and i make a point to be nice, respectful & a positive influence to nearly everyone i encounter (KUUMBA)

8. i support the term BLACK. i think african-american is not accurate for me & many others.

9. i was born NJ & will defend it passionately, but i’m not hanging out in trenton!

10. i lived in springfield, VA for a while before my family moved to durham, NC

11. i am pro-peace but not a pacifist … and believe that violent revolution has a role in society

12. i was offered vocal scholarship to college but turned it down because i don’t like to sing in public

13. i’m an actor

14. i don’t like public speaking or being in front of a crowd of people, but when i’m in the situation i’m a great workshop presenter, teacher & speaker.

15. i love to work

16. i am superhuman

17. i don’t have degree (if you know of a school that may accept me … holler!)

18. i was vegetarian for 15+ years … now i eat fish

19. i don’t like to cook … BUT … i love to eat!

20. i love to be up early … take a power nap(s) … and be up late

21. i used to like to fight … actually … i still do … i just do it differently

22. i would rather be truthful than spare your feelings (stop crying!)

23. my favorite sport is futbol/soccer … my teams are manchester u … ghana black stars and … FC HARLEM


24. weusi baraka, was given to me at birth by my parents, it means “black blessing” … i have always been proud of it … others had issue with it

25. i have 2 tattoos

26. i don’t like to drive … plus it’s not good for the environment

27. when i get my big money … i’ll buy a few pieces of property, employ a driver and a cook

28. i can dance … i know that some of you know this but many have never seen it happen … they just hear about it

29. i don’t take good care of myself because i tend to put other first

30. i have great genes … my grandmother on my moms side is 96 and on my pops side my great-great grandmother lived to 106!

31. i used to host a reggae radio show in college. i liked when the DJ was late for the next segment because i could spin slow jams!

32. i like country & blugrass music … great lyrics, storytelling and musicianship

33. 333 is my old pager code … holler at me if you know about that!

34. i feel i’m oxymoronic because i have skill sets that conflict w/ my personality … hence the worlds shortest giant & socialite misanthrope, most careful risk taker, etc, etc, etc …

35. i can keep a secret really well … some of us share some jewels!

see … for real i’m a regular dude … with super powers …


missing tunes … old vs. classic … excitement … found

so …

i missed homecoming at WSSU last weekend and i’m missing NC a little …
i wanna share some tunes from NC peoples …

THE BEAST … you may have seen them on Okayplayer’s new jazz culture blog, THE REVIVALIST The Revivalist is the leading online journal for the burgeoning jazz’s about music innovators, musicians, and music lovers documenting and foretelling the stories of jazz and how it has influenced today’s popular music.

THE BEAST are fresh because they aren’t only about music but are also educators with great engaging workshops and are about empowering people to institute change … starting with themselves.

and … quill … the emcee & and the poet

this cats is a hidden jewel of NC … someone is gonna catch the vapors!

and yea … in know this is really Miguel’s song but i gotta big up NC’s J.Cole …
plus miguel rocked at my STARBLAZER pre-grammy party in 08 … good peoples/humble hella talented dude …

*here’s new jawnt from J.Cole called I’m coming home … thanks Quddus (peep the Q SIDE)

AND … i’ve been noticing something …

in ny … people are really interested in what’s new. the new style/look. the new music. the new phone/technology. i think that has led to mentality of wanting to be young. i think many would go back being a younger age if they could. i grew up around a group of people that thought a little differently. my peoples believe in staying young at heart. doing things that make you enjoy your everyday reality. making every moment special instead of trying to live in a fantasy and partying like a rock star.

all that to say …

at 40, i really like being older. my zest for life keeps me from being old. my community of peers me with a youthful outlook and creatively engaging life.
i don’t want to be young … you can’t outrun a clock … aging is something that is going too happen … no need to fight it … accept it, embrace it … make time your friend … instead of getting old … my goal is to become classic (a standard of excellence; historically memorable).

i want to be that older dude that all the young dudes want to be like when they get older. not that old (antiquated, out of style/fashion, discredited by reason of age) dude that is trying to be like the younger cats. i want my accomplishments in life to be the kind that people talk about and want to emulate. i want my body of work to be recognized as epic … classic. i’m not gonna be the old cat w/ the timbs, fitted yankee cap and the velor sweatsuit talking to my friends about … nothing. ok that’s enough about that …

JUST REMEMBER … as i get older … i won’t get old … i’ll become CLASSIC!

on another note … i’m a little excited …

i took some time to catch up on some reading today … that alone is exciting but … specifically … i read a few back issues of FAST COMPANY,
(here’s a great bit on procrastination)

and jumped a little deeper in to the book SWITCH: how to change things when change is hard by chip & dan heath …

when this is combined with the fact that i’ve also been looking at academic programs and think that i found one that really fits me so much that i’m excited about it. but a little scared at the idea of going back to school … but i’m gonna ride that horse. (it’s my way of saying overcoming the fear … i used to be scared of horses.) now i just have to get in to school.

and in closing … i just found out that Q tip had a video for this … so i wanted to share it …

Q-Tip – Gettin’ Up from Deviation on Vimeo.

and i’m out …


Paris … DC … PENMEN …

so …

many of you know how much i love DC … so i figured that i’d share a few sites with you … it was hella COLD but here you go …

you ask what i did with that … NOTHING!!! i can take no credit for their art. what i do is allow them to go through the process of clarifying the goals of the band, the projects they are working on, exploring ways to get maximum productivity from everyone involved, marketing & brand ideas/plans/management … i just create space so that the artist have more space to be artist! i help them make the plan to make IT happen … yea!

that’s one of the gifts i have.

one day i’ll take you into my world of community outreach …
but for now … and until next time …