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2nd friday night in paris … my confession (read it all & don’t be mad at me) … shut up, please …

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Last week was transition week.

This week … I am officially in my “do work on self week”
and it’s a beautiful day for this! The sun is shining. It’s kinda warm.
I’m in my money shirt & fresh suede puma’s … feeling a little like … the world’s shortest giant!

Now … in the effort to be openly honest there is something I need to say …
I haven’t told everyone that my girlfriend is here … I part because we’re not really interacting. those of you that know me closely know that she’s always with me … most days she’s the one I wake up to … and she guides my day … but, like I said, we’ve been disconnected since we’ve left the states. we’re just not communicating.
but it’s a lovely day today … and in paris … and feeling good … and i’m doing things that make me feel good … So … i’m looking for a new girl … yep, I said it … and yes, she knows it. She’s with me while I do it! So she nor you can be mad at me or call me disrespectful. if we’re not synced it’s not gonna happen for but so long! synced w/ someone! i need a new girlfriend!

NOW … You really wanna know why i’m telling you this?
because this is how my day was … So … here’s how the story goes …

there a lot of shady little spots in my neighbor hood w/ cuties in the window. And i’m a man w/ testosterone, that chemical that creates logic inhibitors that make us likes things that have a new sparkle & shine! anyway … I’ve passed a few of these spots in my explorations of the city and have even looked into a few windows. i made what seemed to me to be a “special” contact with one in particular. today made abold move. I went in and asked about prices … while my girlfriend was there with me. She didn’t say a word. She knows why i’m here and isn’t gonna deny me my freedom to do what makes me happy because that’s a big part of this trip for me. and to make a story that is already too long and probably has you cringing and cursing me out … today, I met a new “temporary girlfriend.” Honesty, she’s not as fly as my current girlfriend. She’s not as aesthetically pleasing or smart. my old jawnt was dark black but this one has these orange undertones. she’s built sturdy and has the tools to get what I need done though! she’s goona communicate w/ me too. that’ssomething my girlfriend and i haven’t really done in a week! SO YEA … today … I found a new cell phone! What? You thought I was talking about a young lady! Come on! If you know me I always refer to my cell phone as my girlfriend. HAHAHA!!!

but for real … so this is my 2nd friday in paris. Lil cuz and I decide that we’re gonna go out and grab some food. Sushi is her choice. We go around the corner to the spot that she usually goes to. I’ m like nah … on top of it being expensive it had a real corny vibe to me. So … I was like …lets walk … lets explore! She was with it and we walked … and walked … past numerous mcdonald’s … past the “aged” asian hookers … pst subway sandwich shop … and we find ourselves on a street corner … i look down it to see if there are any signs of restaurants … I stop and look … there are people walking on the street … some are just chilling talking … other strolling up & down … but somethings not right … then it hits me … there are ladies every few feet and they are the ones chillin’ … the dudes are walking up and down the street trying get a trick … so I just say … there’s nothing on this block, lets go … at his point she notices the young girls on the corners and is like … “ohhh yea! ummm, lets go … weshouldn’t be here!” … so we walk … and we walk … past the comedy club … past kfc … pat the movie theater showing “THIS IS IT” … then we find a cool little sushi spot … we sit down and she decides that she wants to work on her french by ordering … in my mind i’m like “ok. And I’ll work on mine at the end of the meal.” … great … GREAT MEAL (and cheap!!!) … she’s happy … i’m happy … good biz … so it’s time for me to ask for the check but she wants to do it .. she gives me something to say in french that is the casual way to say check please … i ee thewaitress behind meso i turn around … “madame … t’si vous si vous plait” … I said it perfect … no hesitation and accented w/ flavor … the waitress looks at me stunned … I repeat myself … she looks through me & across the table at my lil cuz … she’s got her face on the table laughing … she says … “fini … fini” (or something like that) … she looks up at me and with a laughing smile and tells me that I told the waitress “shut your mouth, please” please… DAMN!!! she got me!!! … I pay the check and walk out … I try to thank her but the waitress brushes me off … so yea … then we walked home … uneventfully except that i beat my lil cuz in foot race! Hahaha! yea … 3X her age and i still have that step (but damn … she is fast!)

and that’s how I spent my 2nd friday in paris … trust me it’s gonna get more exciting.

I’ve come up w/ a few script ideas. you wanna know about em? maybe … Can someone tell me the legal ramifications & copyright laws about if I can use posting the ideas in public as a ways of documenting that they are my ideas?

Oh and she asked what we were gonna do tomorrow? I guess you’ll have to wait to find out … me too!!!

ShiNE [brillez]