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yo …

i didn’t even go outside today … why? IT’S STILL TOO COLD!!!
like … it’s hella COLD!!!

ok so i wrote out the things i wanted for the winter solstice and i’m gonna make symbols visual representations of them and hang them here in the apartment … since i don’t really get down with the christmas thing (for a number of reasons this) this will be my ritual for the new year

these are the things i request of the universe …

clarity in my personal, artistic, emotional and professional life, fearlessness and an abundant inflow of love, fiscal wealth (from multiple sources), discipline (self & assisted) and stability, in the form of a new & creative job … in a warm place that pays me what i believe i am worth!

writing out your those things is a great exercise to do monthly.
and honestly i didn’t write them out here as detailed as a did in my journal. what? u can’t blame me for wanting to keep my biz my biz sometimes!

i did have a creative thought … it’s kinda a stream of thought thing but not … but sort of … well here it is …

i looked up … the sun
to my left a rainbow
my then my eyes dropped into a dream
right, you were.

i looked down and watched a tear fall
to the top of a cloud
and to my left and saw the sunset
high was the moon
right you were … again.

but that was then …
silence speaks
and whispers curse at my spirit in surround sound
strong arming my soul
engulfing me like a stagnant funk
clutched by a churches
voiceless stench of pious misconduct


rebounding drops of air lift me past pains threshold
here in to the reality i find myself bound
music won’t free you anymore … for free
like kunta’s solo steps the dance is done
imagination lost in the math of a snowflake
and the icy crash of winter spit on concrete streets
where love is the fox maimed by the hunters and hounds

the end(i just edited it 22.12.09)

and this was the sunset today!

and yo … don’t forget … this is the most depressing time of the year for many people … don’t take for granted that people are in a joyous holiday spirit … or that they even celebrate or give a rats ass about the holidays!

and remember if you are giving to the community at christmas that’s not being christ like … being christ like is when you do it all the time … all year long.
lets work on that …

try being a kind person first …
then try being kind to your self …
then try being kind to other people … JUST BCUS …