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don’t complain … settle … providence …

so this is a little disjointed and lack luster … but i want to get back into writing on a regular basis … so here you go …

some people complain about both hot and cold weather …
i HATE the cold!


this is unquestionably my favorite season in the year!

i like the freedom that the summer brings to peoples lives. i like the idea that the summer creates a energy and openness that has people in the mindset of fun, celebrations and loving life. people literally shed layers. all those clothes!!!!

an ongoing observation within my inner circle [now with the WWW] has been about how warm weather brings out ladies necks … and their shoulder blades, collar bones mid riffs & toes! ahhh beauty! i have some friends (male & female) that are excited that there is … ummm … how shall i say this … more sun on the bosom! but me … i’m not a big cleavage fan. too many psycho/socio/political issues that make it just about a woman being beautiful and enjoying one of the things that make her special. and i’m a fashion misfit! i’m a into anti fashion. actually i like fashion, a lot … but abhor the shallow and ego fueled vanity that comes w/ the industry & not one to try to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t wear. so i like it hot because true swagger is shown when you have to wear less clothes! i don’t know how or why i even went on that tangent? anyway …

i’m feeling focused right now. i’m getting back in my groove. i feel like the sun is about to start shining on me! the moon is full now.

and i may have said this before but it’s really starting to kick in … i’m getting tired of living from a bag. i think it’s time to settle down!

i know people are asking themselves what happened while you were in rhode island?

ask don king VIP … i drank the water!
in providence there is a myth that if you drink from this one fountain that you will fall in love providence will become you new home. on my first day in providence i was thirsty and was excited to be in a place where i could drink the tap water … so i did! it tasted great! but then don tell me about the legend. i’m not really tripping but then over the next couple of days as don introduces me to people around the city i get 3 or 4 comment like “welcome to providence! don’t drink the water or you’ll never leave.” or i’ll tell them how i like providence and they say “don’t drink the water or you’ll be here forever!”.

BUT for real … that’s not really the reason for this shift in desires.

my experience in providence, ri was a reminder of the importance,value and power of community, family, vision/dreaming, communication and the arts. having been somewhere long enough to experience the intricate dynamic of being accepted by a community beyond the cordial, politically correct, smoking mirrors, norms and comforts of society.

it’s having watched my new friends celebrate the joys of fatherhood and family.

de la soul has a lyric in the STAKES is HIGH … “Neighborhoods are now hoods cause nobody’s neighbors”. it’s time for me to circle up my wagons and get my neighborhood in order … re-align my community.