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I’m a spiritual person.

I believe that I am a small part of something that is so vast and expansive that it is truly beyond the realm of a mortal’s imagination.

my belief is that everything happens for a reason. the logic that schedules my moments and movements in this universe may or may not have anything to do with me. I am but a pawn in the grandest scheme of things … yet … this philosophy works in unison with the idea that we are smiliar to stars.

How? There are billions of stars out there in an infinite number of galaxies, yet to be discovered. .. but even within those glaxies there are some stars that SHINE brighter and are more relevant and influential to certain planets/rocks. Some stars are suns. Some stars become black holes, which in a way are inverted suns that instead of giving off light & heat energy, they absorb it. And yes, there are some stars that are bright and do nothing!

All that to say we are like stars in the sense that some people & stars are here for no apparent reason. And others are more influential and control planets, worlds & universes. Because of that some of us must take more responsibility for our actions/motions due to their influences on others.

I know which group i am in. I shine. And i say that witha humility that acknowledges that i am such a small part in this massive universe that i’m the equivalent to a hydrogen atom in the ocean.

(I used examples of the sun & water because i feel that theses are the most powerful yet under recognized influences on our planet.)

*note: this is just one of the many philosophies of mine … no, I haven’t done any research on it.


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