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kool herc … egypt … STARBLAZERS 2011 … my peoples … my people … explain my heart (saul williams)

the past few days have been heavy on my heart …

the health issues of KOOL HERC (combined with the dismissal of the health care reform bill)

i believe that any radio station that claims to be a HIP-HOP stations should donate to assist with his health cost … they have the money are going to continue to make money from hip-hop. the artist aren’t really making money so i don’t think that they should be the first ones called upon … but … it’s not a million dollars! these cost can be covered in one fell swoop by the right person. (jay-z, diddy, jermaine dupree, russell simmons, andre harrell, etc)

but as a fan … and believer that you should do what you can instead of waiting on others to do for you … here is where you can donate …

the other thing is … the beauty and madness of the changes in egypt …

many of you know that i am a man of the people … i get excited when u see the people step up and take control over a situation that they feel is unjust. so much so, that i get physically agitated.

power to the people!

and now …

i’m trying to focus on this event that i’ve put together in LA …



Part Party … Part Jam Session
good people … having a good time … while enjoying GREAT music

this is the most casual non-pretentious Grammy weekend event!

performances from artist from around the country …

jenna andrews
alison carney
c. clear
the fanatic experience
tamika jones
the native criminals
poet & the future
russell taylor
mr. turner
j. white
Yahzarah/purple saint james
and 2011 grammy nominee

*it’s grammy weekend, So you know it’s gonna be PLANTAINS*
(that’s like bananas but bigger!)

your DJ’s
2 Tone Jones … Munch … Underdog
spinning everything!
coldplay to kid-n-play … def leopard to mos def … steel pulse to steely dan … & more!

leave your ego at home and come kick it … come enjoy the vibe …
only $10

and tell your friends about it … but get your ticket early because the venue isn’t that big!

Register for STARBLAZERS 2011 in West Hollywood, CA  on Eventbrite

i don’t think i need to say much more about that …

and for BLACK HISTORY MONTH … 2 things …

an old pic of my mom & pop … they made black history by making ME!

what’s funny is i’d never seen the the picture … i just found this picture on friends facebook page! (thanks U!)

and … don’t tell rah but this is one of my daily motivators …

yeah … i love my people …

oh and this is a little something new for the people … here’s some heat …


yea … i know … some of those shots look kinda like my videos from the roof of my rock star cuz’s place in paris last year … ehhh …