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it’s cold …

i don’t like being cold …

i was up until early this morning writing. 9ish i lifted my head and looked out the window. it was snowing! i cringed … then i quickly tucked my head under my covers and feel asleep for another 2hrs!

it’s cold … real cold … it was -2 c today!
i say already that i don’t like to be cold!

did i tell youthat my bed is in the “sun cove” … whisch means is surrounded by windows … which measns in the summer it’s beautiful … and in the winter … the wall that i sleep next to … is 7 floors up and COLD as (add you own explitive)!

but i’m in paris … so i went out! … i put on a layer of clothes for each floor i was up! and hit the streets

plus, not only will many people never have the chance to make this trip, (i heard less than 50% of US citizens have passports and only 20% off the african-american community have them! now the reasons & history behind that is another blog!)i wanted to get some food (and a baguette!)

and i think that’s was really chery lynn “to be real”


who would be interested in doing a 1 week artist exchange in paris … and then hosting a artist for week later in the summer? gig swap, work together, exhibit, do joint shows, sight see, etc … let me know who’s interested and then watch me do my thing!!!

or if you are open to hosting a artist let me know.

i said i was gonna connect the dots … watch me …



see i am in paris …

So it’s been a real cool couple of days …

I took a few days off to kick it but i’m still doing my morning ritual.

the morning was spent chillin’ & reading. then rockstar cuz ask if i wanna go hang w/ him & lil cuz for a second. and we roll out and go meet his boy at the end of the block. he’s this cool english cat w/ this artistic flair for fashion and music. he’s just real cool. this great positive vibe. we walk and talk. then grab some school books for lil cuz. while walking he talks about doing a string of shows and then having to cancel a few recently because of a health issues. we stop and grab food afterwards. charlie hits us with a jokes and then pulls out this e-ray he’s been carrying around and tell us why he’s messed up right now due to this issue! i’m looking at the x-rays in amazement because i think that i can see something a little messed up. but hey … i’m no doctor and he’s been seeing specialist regarding the issue. anyway … i play it off. he tells another joke and we part ways. he’s gotta get some rest. real cool cat.

So later that afternoon … my homie welela hits me on e-mail and says bobbito is spinning in paris tonight. I’m like “word”! give me the details and lets do it! She’s like hit me back at 9. cool! I can’t wait so get my research on and find out spinna’s with him and that they are doing the 1st stevie wonderful party in paris!

Rockstar cuz and I are like yea we’re going out tonight. Welela decides not to go! so rock star cuz & i try to reach out to few people because … i’m spoiled and don’t like to pay. Nothings working for me .. nor for him. We decide that we’ll use the swagger/mervin technique = we’ll just walk up like you’re supposed to be guest. So the time comes and we get ready to roll but lil cuz to isn’t in bed! She’s 13 and hella responsible so it’s not a issue so we’re out.

We got to the venue as they were switching over from a previous event.
Rockstar cuz talks the talk and we get in. as we’re walking in someone screams his name. It’s bobbito. And we all walk in together!

As bobbito & spinna are setting up we’re watching them break down the venue from the previous event which evidently was a seated event. as they slide the theater style seating under hidden compartments and transform hallways to coat checks i’m amazed! with the tucked away technology and hydro lifts for sections of the floor, it is UNQUESTIONABLY the dopest mid size venue i’ve ever been to. [la bucalana] The production dude in me is going crazy looking at it all! Then a young lady walks up to us w/ 2 glasses of champagne and welcomes us to the event. We look at each other … ok … uhhh … yea … “we’re glad to be here, thank you!” More talk with them and then some industry talk between us and then … we sit down and listen to spinna & bobbito warm up. a few minutes later the doors open to the public. And it’s on …

20 minutes later … we find a little corner on the dance floor and i’m gone… lost in the music!

4 hrs later … after a few pounds of sweat loss, rock star cuz says … I wanna check on [lil cuz] … so … we roll out. He stops for a second break outside the venue just to cool off. I’m standing there waiting and this fly sister walks up and says something to me in french. I’m so tired that I just nod. She sees it in my eyes and pats me on my check, looks me in my eye and says “awwww.” I think that was the first person in paris to flirt w/ me. i’m honored but too tired to really think about it until now … Anyway … the cats that threw this are called free your funk … dope in concept and implementation. the kind of cats JUST BCUS wants to link with .. we’ll see what happens.

so we go to the street to get a cab … but guess what … brothers can’t get a cab! Even in paris! We end up walking home! We make it back and the story is over!

and for those of you that were wondering if i was really in paris … because i didn’t post any pics … i did this …

i’m going to a poetry joint this week … i’ll keep you posted!

Until next time …

SHiNE [brillez]


me and t.o.!

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today was a little different …

i spent time being alone and silent … semi-meditation like …
it’s something i hadn’t done in a long time.

it was a challenge for me to still my mind … in fact i was just silent.
my mind was in a milion and one places .. but hey … it;s the first time in a long time. i’ll get my focus up and really be still in time. it reminded me that it not really ready to get out and engage in the business of my trip. i want take care of me before i start doing business for everyone else, ya dig!?! so on that note … flashback 6-8 weeks ago …

i go to see my lil homie ally wey perform at a spot called bossa in dc and i run into my dude “z free”. he’s kicking it real casual like … as he usually does. after the show, i’m on my way out the door he ask me what i’ve got coming up next. i tell him i’m about to dip to paris. there are a few people at the table he’s sitting at and one of them, maria, gets kinda excited and tells me about this person she knows in paris. and that when i walked in she noticed that he and i had similar energy and that we should connect. i’m like … i only know 1 person in paris so cool. i give her a card and ask her to make a e-mail introduction. a few days later i get at e-mail introducing me to this dude and i respond very casually about looking forward to meet him in paris. a few more days go by and i get a email … something along the lines of …

is this weusi weusi from u street?
this is tunde tunde from dc … & ny!
this will be our 3rd city. lets make it happen!

so today … i went to meet my dude tunde (t.o.). we’re like mined brothers from different mothers. we first met in DC on the u street poetry & music scene. then he disappeared. a few years later i ran into him on the streets of ny where he was in law school.

today we started the process of catching up and moving forward. we sat and kicked it in a cafe for a while. some real talk. he’s been in and out of paris for years and is here studying law. he also has been a part of the arts and music scene too. he shared some great insight about the subtle nuances of developing community in this culture. we talked about life in paris. and life in general. i’m no dummy. partialy becasue i don’t talk about things i don’t know. t.o. is no dummy because he can talk about so much with a sense of expertise and research! he’s a bright brother. i’m glad to be reacquainted. my man brian “hustle” hamlin says that you are only as good as the 5 people that are closet to you. i take those words to heart and try to surround myself with people brighter than me! that’s why all of you are my friends! the other interesting thing about meeting with t.o. was the music in the cafe … boys to men, chante moore, the supremes, the police, steel pulse and of course … stevie wonder! anyway … i’m sure you’ll hear more stories about t.o. in the future.

and yes … i did walk to meet him .. and yes .. i did get lost … but only because it was this little ass st

i’m starting to get settled here … maybe another week of nothing and then i’ll go into grind mode! i’ve got some great ideas bubblin’ right now! i’ll let you know what’s up …

stay focused, create a plan, work that plan, change that plan, stay focused and make it happen …

and for those of you who wonder what i mean when i say SHiNE [brillez] my homies elen & bassey (twitter @ladiosapoderosa & @basseyworld ) hipped me to this: the god light

do what you do …

SHiNE [brillez]

day 1 in paris … the begining …

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this kinda long … but it’s the start of something new …

i was awake for almost 48 hrs before i got on the plane so … i fell asleep before we took off …
i was w/ my lil cousin and she was seated somewhere else on the plane … but she’s 13 going on 33 and i didn’t really worry about her.

i awoke to dinner being served … pasta & wild mushrooms, cous cous, water, bread pudding, chocolate cake … and of course on a air france flight … a baguette, some cheese & wine.
i ate and then went back to sleep … thanks to “soul fatigue” (my new term for the “itis”).

i awoke again for breakfast … it was a sweet roll, yogurt, water and tea and some other stuff but i don’t really remember … i ate the roll and went back to sleep. yea … again … “soul fatigue”

then the plane hit a little dip as we started to descend. i’m awake now …

i read a few articles in my INC mag on stan lee, ayn rand and 19 blogs that they felt i should bookmark … good stuff … but anyway …

we land … go through customs … we get our baggage and after a few minutes find our bearings, then … we exchange our dollars for euro’s … DAMN … my feelings were hurt … my hard earned money was worth NOTHING! [note to self: find a way to make some euro’s!!!] we made our way to the train. my baggage got caught in the turnstile and i got to say “merci!” … i was excited to get to use 1 of the 4 french words i know!!!

we ride the train to gard de nord and walk a few blocks to the house. the neighborhood is kinda tourist heavy … there’s a lot going around here. i’m sure you’ll here more in the days/weeks to come.

we get to the house and meet the house mate and she shows me around. the rooftop view is CRAZY!!! i’m having issues w/ my phone and up loading the pics but i’ll show you sooner or later.

a cold autumn rain … good conversation … napping … sleeping on and off .. few cups of tea & homemade chocolate cake … a walk to the grocery store … a stop at a cafe for coffee … more convo w/ corrections on my poor french pronunciations … food … sleep …

today …
i awake to sunshine … drink tap water … read (the everyday work of art by eric booth) … unpack my sneakers & grandpa’s jacket … listen to silence … journal … some tunes (these are some of my the artist in the mix … FE, crossrhodes, issabella banneker, stephen marley, neena freelon, purple st james, k’alyn, mary lou williams, munch, adelle, kev brown, etc) … now, i’m writing this blog but i’m about to hit the streets for a few hrs … and do nothing … no sight seeing today … i’m really doing nothing!!!

this feels good … a real cool vibe …*(thank you all)* … stay tuned!

so … later …

paris day 1 [haiku x3]

here time means nothing.
sun, sound, art and my truth lead.
visions trek blindly.

dark rooftop skylights
play slow motion pity pat
with the sun & clouds

no rush … day meets night.
the time is now … then it’s gone.
enjoy the moment.

SHiNE [brillez]