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lil cuz … some good … some not as good!

ok …

so lil cuz rolled out for the holidays. rockstar cuz took her to the airport. she’s such a daddy lil girl … when she can be. she’s such a lil teddy bear that wants to be a big bad grizzley! but she is still hella anti-conformist balanced w/ a pop feel appeal to it. it’s great how she loves to kiss and hug all over her pops! rockstar cuz was a little nervous because he seems to have a little stalker! yea like a real one. the stalker contacted his mom recently. he had to contact “the man” to file a formal complaint! evidently it’s been going on for years! crazy huh! but she’s ok w/ family and is more than likely talking about new moon right now! but hey … when the acts away the mice will play SO i went to a spot called cafe le peche!

my homie ferricia hooked me up w/ this cat steeve who evidently is a highly respected cat on the scene. EVERYONE gave the dude dap! it was impressive!

le peche is out in the 20th arrondissement at the end of the line … Montreuil

dude walks me through the cut to get to the spot. outside is decorated w/ graff.
inside there’s a little cafe space and if you walk through that there is a performance space that holds about 150-200 ppl. the first thing that stood out about the space is that there was a full lighting rig. DOPEness! and the SOUND WAS GREAT!!!

so now that that was taken care of … lets get to the talent!!!
ok … for real … i missed a few acts! it was too cold and i really didn’t wan tot go out earlier. and i took a nap and over slept! my bad! so …

when i got there this dude was on stage and i’m not even gonna say his name or describe him as any more than a artist that has room for improvement in his stage presentation and in his audience engagement. well actually let me take that back. no … i won’t the kids were using him as a excuse. and these youngin’ were wyldin’ out.

they do this thing like a mosh pit. it’s fly! it was all males. i was once again reminded how the hip hop industry is not only male dominated but driven by testosterone inspired and producing music. youngin’s would run up to the stage, plant their foot on the edge and push them selves back into the crowd like a stage dive. they were jumping on each others backs and being physically aggressive with each other. you cold tell that the security had good relationships w/ the youth. when they introduced their presence the crowd was still rowdy but they became more respectful of others in the room … especially anyone that was standing near/protecting the sound and lighting systems!

then there was a dope trio of emcees … but i have to find their name … i’ll get back at up on this .. but they smashed!

anyway … after that they finished there was a break and i was given a tour of the facilities. they have 3 rehearsal studios with drums, amps, mixing board, mics & other backline. and it’s only 10e an hr!!! you can also have the rooms set up to record for an additional fee. there were office upstairs but i don’t check them out. i met the director and we talked so i will be going back to pick his brain a little.

so this cat comes on that looks like a gucci mayne and is rhyming over the lil wayne milli track from 1989 … anyway .. evidently he was talking about the million ways he gets his swerveon w/ the ladies and the young ladies didn’t like it and i actually heard some booing gong on! and because of that … i wont mention his name either!

oh and then there was the battle …

i have no idea what they were saying but one dude SMASHED his 2 opponents! it wasn’t even funny! but after that …


he poked his head backstage and then went right on stage and KILLED IT!!!

great crowd control … hot songs … great set development .. he did the damn thing!

the headline was this cat brasco
he did a Q & A with the youth of the center … i missed it but they were a rowdy crowd but they were quiet while he talked!

i saw him backstage. a humble cat. grounded and it shows on stage
he ripped it!

after the show a few b-boys did their thing. 1 was really good b-boy. the others were more poppers & i could have battled them … and won!

oh and the first dude tried his hand at break dancing … he hadsome ideas formoves but he should have trained & rehearsed before he got in the dance floor!

ok now that’s all i’m gonna say today … and here’s the start of the story …

Shymel has had it rough the past couple of days …

when he woke up it was raining!

then he missed a phone call … the call is from CARLOS, his favorite, closest cousin, good friend & competition in life! CARLOS is a poet and musician that has just moved to paris w/ his 12 year old daughter MOON to work on his next album. he wants SHY to come to paris because it was something they used to talk about as kids. SHY has been sending e-mails w/ questions about the experience but CARLOS hasn’t responded

but it gets worse …

see shymel (SHY) heard a rumor 2 months ago that the youth center he runs was being shut down. he asked his mentor about it and she said that the rumor was false. others still said it was truth. and …

last night he and Helen, his girlfriend of over 7 years, got into a big argument … about marriage. he’s ready for marriage. she saying he’s not life or their relationship serious. he’s not even preparing for a new job and that there’s no way they’re going to get married. in the middle of the argument CARLOS calls. he reaches to answers the phone … she knocks the phone out his hand … it breaks! he picks up the pieces up off the floor. when he stands up … she throws him a pillow and a blanket at him … couch time … he drops and he dropped the phone again!

the next day SHY is up early for a big meeting at work. so is HELEN. she doesn’t speak to him … except on they way out the door she ask for the umbrella because she left hers at work yesterday. and then suggest that he get some mint tea, wash detergent, toothpaste, oh, and she needs some pads/tampons and a moleskin notepad for work.

of course … it starts to rain as he walks to the bus stop now sheltered …
while he’s waiting he’s says thank god that there aren’t too many people under the shelter today. just then a crew of 3-6 youth on their way to school walk under the bus stop awning, in an light argument … then one of the elementary school kids looks at SHY and says very politely …

“excuse me sir … tell them that you didn’t have cell phones or cd’s back growing up back then! and they used to watch tv on the radio … right?”
he laughs it off … and says that he’s not “that” old but yes there was a time before cellphones, cd’s and tv’s when they only had radios shows that told stories like they do now on tv.

what do you think …

And they like the shine explosion on the hand shake!!!

hbd … i’m spreading the shine vibe & handshake international too!