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creativity, ritual, aesthetics, and focus …a then a drink!!!

wow ok …

so check it out …

i’ve been everywhere … mentally … up down and sideways …

creativity is out of control … really … out of control … i’ve started a fleshing out concepts for a play (then the elbow told the pig …) and a film (To Be named later). then on top of that, i’ve been doing work on getting focused about life!

so far, my favorite part of my life planning process has been writing out my morning ritual. i have disdain for ritual without reason and these “holy days” that have been commercialized to the point where they are really about helping (or hurting a economy). so for me to be invested in days of or other ritual, or regular re-occurring events they gotta have a real connection to me. like i;m not gonna take a day off just because someone said i’m supposed to. that comes from my pops having us take MLK’s b-day off before it was national holiday. now i think that i make the rules! welll i guess i do. in my world. so yea … giving yourself ritual in your life … it’s important … for bunch of reasons. the reason i think it’s most important is that makes you go through a process where you give yourself answers to why you chose to do (or not to do) something. the one thing i have in my ritual that i;m challenged by is this exercise thing! but the process has reminded me that i’m a morning person … that likes the idea of a siesta or a nap during the day (ideally a hour or 2, sometime between 3 and 6) … then i stay up late! “i never sleep … cause sleep is the cousin of death.” (nas) … by the way if you’re in dc … go see nas & damien marley talk about their new project “distant relatives” at national geographic live!’s space. so yea … have reason for your actions. but don’t be lazy w/ you answer to that questions! ask yourself “why?” 3 times. and that’s all about that.

So … one of my big observations week this about the french appreciation for nice looking things. they have a eye for aesthetics. i do not. i mean when you live a place where the architecture is so poetic and incredible, with it’s golden statues atop these grand building, it’s history even if it is borrowed/stolen and stuff like this this you become de sensitized to ordinary artwork. it takes something super extra, extra special to move you. like when you’ve seen or heard a bunch of concerts/artist/photos/paintings you get a more critical sense of what you like and don’t like. but that’s not the point i really wanted to make (but i gave me a excuse o show some stock pictures of some of the things i’ve seen so far!!!)

i really wanted to talk about how the U.S. doesn’t seem to get it … all great & powerful societies had a legacy of artistic excellence. to be “powerful” doesn’t mean you are a great society. the arts are one of the basis that create a society that is prosperous in all aspects. the arts provide a thought process that expands beyond the rote memorization of facts, figures, formulas and history. a government commitment to showing art in public spaces, making it a part of your education system and a part of everyday life shows its commitment to the progress of its people and shows respect for their intelligence.

and actually … i do have a taste for personal/fashion wise aesthetics … but i have a fear of being vain, so i down play my personal style and my want for nice things keeps. (yea … like nice expensive things too!) i gotta steer away form it in part because it conflicts with my with for quest to just have minimal worldly possessions, and it keeps me in a humble mindset. (nobody say anything about my trainers/sneakers!) but anyway … here it seems that culturally they appreciate the arts and artist more. so much so, that at this point their taste are so refined in certain area that they just don’t care what anyone else says! for real … everyone here is fashionable … except me! hahaha … like i said i’m kinda anti-fashion and my wardrobe choices are limited! but when i finish the music i think i’m gonna shop it for a indie deal and then watch the money roll in and buy a entire new wardrobe! oh .. yea … i song. but no … you may never hear will only be a international release, and it will be under a alias! hahaha!

and finally as i think abou tlife i’ve had to tackle the reality that i’m 39 and have NO stability in my life. i have more freedom than most though. i’m ready to cash in som eof that freedom for stability now and do some thing differently. now i gotta figure out what i’m gonna do differently and how!?!

damn!!! the work is just starting!!!

as you can see this new moon has me open and my mind is a million and one places at the same time.

i need a drink … i’m headed to a party …