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challenges … LOST PHONE … reminders … FUTBOL [this is a long ass blog!]

i know it’s been a while … but hey … i’m looking for a job! [anyone hiring!?!]

i’m in DC for a few weeks working on a few things before i go back to providence … so holler at me … and I LOST MY PHONE [again … i think i need to write another blog about how i always get some hella deep life lesson whenever i loose my phone! ] … please hit me with your # and stuff! PLEASE! and let me know when i can see some of my long lost DC peoples!!!

speaking of DC … check out my DC/NC peoples Yahzarah/Purple Saint James new video!!!

it’s truly outrageous!

i’ve been busy … getting ready for

w/ my dude DON KING “VIP”, jess powers and munch w/ the funny face …

if you want little cheat sheet on who to look for … here you go … here you go



fights … dc … pacman … washington … getting hustled … lil cuz

it’s sunday but this is about …

Saturday …

after a few hrs of wondering running into a few more comic book stores & gun shops … who would have thought) and these french cats are violent … i personally witnessed 2 fights being broken up. one dude got knocked on his ass by the little waitress … one to the jaw. i wonder what he did! and the other was a lady that was screaming at a dude. she said some thing and he went at her. his dude jumped in and damn near tackled him when his hand was a fist lengths from hitting her! i was w/ lil cuz so we kept it moving and talked about it for a second. she’s such a wanna be G! but i bet no one EVER puts a finger on her. plus … she has a crazy big-little olser cousin! oh anyway …

So how I got hustled … there was a big game on and I was looking for a spot to watch the second half. you know, just sit and have some tea. Just to be social. like i do at cafe nema some days. I find the small african spot around the corner that seems to be having some lively conversation. I go in and the waiterss tells me the bar is closed. I look up and GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! I stand and watch for a second … now i’m caught up in the game … I sit down and watch. The convo that they are having is loud but I have no idea what it’s about in part because i’m focused on the game. Evidently some of the convo was about me! Eventually a older dude says to me. You need to order something or leave. I say i’ll order. I order a beer. The older dude tells me to order some kinda food &the waitrss tries to get me to order food too. I tell her no meat. Only fish and then I say i’ve already eaten just a beer. a guiness for now. She’s still trying to get me to order food. I order a guiness and continue to watch the game. She brings my drink. I watch the game, chat w/ dude, enjoy the game. It seems that their convo is around national loyalty versus where you live. It had something to do with the cameroon game earlier that day and the lone white dude in the spot! Then she brings out a plate of skewers … I didn’t order that! She’s like yes you did. It’s what he said you should order. There’s a stillness in the room as I start to argue my point. I’m not gonna win in this. I share the order w/ the older dude at the table next to me. the game goes on. France wins 1-0. I ask for the check. It’s $30 e! 12E for the beer and $18 e for the meal is how it was explained to me by the older dude. I start to argue then realize it’s a no win situation. in the end I think I got beat out of $20e = $35 … to watch a soccer game. As the older dude leaves. (he and his friend have a finished a bottle of black label) he thanks me for the food, tells me that he works for the cameroon embassy and to e-mail him. I ask if he’s in the restaurant much. He drunkenly says that the waitress is his sister and another lady there is his big sister. There is some loud convo … and he’s reminded that he needs to go. He hands me his card and rolls out. I leave soon after that. And realive how I got hustled by the brother & sister team, damnit! and … i’m made at myself for not being able to speak french and for not being mad at them because I love the ingenuity of my peoples!

I also realize the date nov 14 … OHHHHH … manny pacman pacquio vs cotto! It’s late so I lay it down but set my alarm so that I can wake up and follow in on or something. So I wake up and has the blow by blow commentary! I’m enjoying the fight as I imagine pacquio do his thing! Walking through cotto’s assults and returning with twice the fury! He’s gonna be regarded as one of the pound for pound greatest of all times. This dude is a monster!!! I would have loved to be at a nice fight party. did you see what he did to cotto. my home girl said he looked like golum. It seems there was a lot going on in dc last night! Goodie mob w/ scarface, and a few parties, cedric the entertainer, and fight parties.

now that i’m away … there are a few things about DC that i really appreciate.

5. U Street: it’s nice to have a place that’s familiar to you and you are invested in it’s success and there are people, businesses and organizations that want you to be successful too. plus there is a creative energy that lives there. one that i don’t think is being tapped past its juvenile stages. surface levels. and don’t get me wrong … there are those that i think are getting deep in the energy of u street but many are just being creative and not really getting intimate w/ their art forms. but i love that U street is a place where people come to be creative and support creative things!

4. the abundance of pretty women: yea … i’m kinda used to having pretty women around me. it helps my eye for aesthetics. and it keeps me from acting a fool when a fly sister is around because in my circle that’s the norm. more importantly the sisters that i interact with, help to keep me balanced and provide a certain intimacy that allows me to not be a sexual predator. [just send me a e-mail if you want to hear my philosophy on sexual and intimate energy] and it feeds my creative energy too. and they’re around here … i have yet to get in that circle … yet.

3. chocolate city fashions: i miss the mix of washington and the DC fashions, the pinstrip suits and the sobiato gear the earthy head wraps and the thursday @ the park happy hour & then josephine’s & love outfits too!

2. my crew: we’re all doing a bunch of stuff here and there so we don’t link much but knowing that i have access to hem is important to me. i’ve been in dc, ny, nc & paris over the past 15 yrs … they’ve been with everywhere. i love my peoples

1. community: I think I figured out why I haven’t flipped over the fact that i’m in paris!?! it’s my need to be attached to a community here. I’m at fault for not learning the language but I came to do me and learn here. If you gave me a contact here and they are still looking for a call from me … i’m here for a few more weeks … trust me … i’ll call!

today … i chilled … slept … wrote this … started fleshing out a new creative idea, sweated bullets while i let my lil cuz cook … she’s got a lemon cake in the oven now!!!

and that’s all folks …