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stuff you may want to know …

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sorry … i didn’t do anything the other day …

i walked again … but for real … i’m not gonna bore you with how yesterday was aholiday and peope were out as families just kicking it. or descriptions of the cobblestone streets along the river or the skateboarders everywhere. or the 2 cats that were in a 5 vs 5 pick up, streetball hoop game that pretty much ignored the rest of the team and won anyway! dudes jumper were SICK … and won on a shot that was had a dude guarding him like he was funk on dog shit! yea … it was serious! i wish i could have understood the shit talking that was going on!

why bore you with stories of the skate ramp and how the father was ther killin’ it on the ramp and who i’m assuming was his 5 or 6 year old had her scooter and was going up and down the ramp too! watchout x-games! or the kid that busted trying to do the rail slides others were doing. but then did it & everyone cheered!

i just won’t bore you w/ another story of me getting lost (in the cold) but finding these dope little neighborhoods with fly ass boutique shops for eveerything. clothes jewelery, bags, scarves, comic books, (one had a witchcraft card game tournament happening! youth and elders getting it in!)

or how my lil cuz and i had dinner and listened to music last night. we rocked the dead weather, emiliana torrini , e-badu & stephen marley and a few DC artist … she dug some of them (i won her ever on more than she didn’t like!)

so i know people are looking for pictures and i have some but they are on my phone … and i’m having blackberry tech issues linking my phone to my computer … so please be patient w/ me. and for on a really real note. this blog is as much about me and my process as it is a way for me to share with you but it’s really important that right now … i put me first and me, i don’t like taking pictures of stuff! i leave that to photographers … cause that’s what they do. but … i do respect the documentation of history. it has to be more than me saying i did this and that.

and if you don’t know, i’m here to take in the experience of paris not as tourist but as a person experiencing life differently. for me that means slowing down. not being involved in the night life. it means sitting silently … in silence. doing things that i wouldn’t do in DC. like … do nothing. take time to intentionally write something … like this blog. this is a time for me to clarify my goals in life as a individual and as a part of a greater circle of community/friends/family.

i’m evaluating my vision/focus & direction i’m moving as well as my strengths and weakness … and i’m open to listen to what others say … so hit me w/ the feed back! and be honest with me. i’m a grown man. i’ll be ok. it’s important that i get feed back from my community about what they see and don’t see in me. what people say and think is important to me because i see myself as a part of something larger than myself. i see that my role can be in conflict to what others might see me doing but hey …

now … saying all that … i’m letting you know that i’m gonna go into my mind a little more and be talking about what’s really going on with me. my artistic evolution as well as my personal growth and epiphanies.

so yea … i’ll get some pics up but they may not be of anything you can already see on a postcard or online already.

you know i gotta add a little flavor … JUST BCUS (yea … that’s a teaser!)

oh and i’m trying to get a sense of if people are even reading this so if you could just shoot me a comment on this page or a message to my facebook. thank you.

for the next post i hope to have stories of visual art, new friends, technology & pirates!