Me … You … Biggie … Haiku 

By Weusi Baraka

1. Me

For a long time i identified and defined myself through the lens of the community that i served. My life has changed. Now, husband, father, homeowner and student are the words i’ve used most often to describe myself. These are cool but i’m kinda lost out here. i miss my old community. i miss my role in the community and having positive impact on people beyond my family. 

2. You

i started writing this blog regularly as the things around me started to change. 

i want to make some changes in my life. Writing more is one of the things i feel that i NEED to do on a regular basis. 

i tend to respond to community more effectively than self motivation. Because of this i am asking for your help with this desire to write. if you have my email or phone number, holler at me and ask why i haven’t written in a while. If you don’t have my personal info then leave a comment. If you have a question that you would like me to address, holler at me. Just make sure that i write.

3. Biggie

Today is the anniversary of Biggie’s murder. He deserves to be recognized. BUT … He was a great emcee not a national or international influence. There are a bunch of people who were not effected by his life, music or death. Because of this, i kinda wanna set the record straight that he was murdered not assassinated. And yes, i know, people always give me the arguement that there were government influnces but if that was the defining factor of an assassination then every crackhead that died or person shot by an officer (justly or u justly) would be an assassination. Anyway … RIP Biggie …

4. Haiku

Words don’t write themselves 

but they are birthed from the wind

And heart gives them life

*i haven’t written in a while so I’m a lil rusty, sorry.


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