35 things that you might not know about me …

Some things many don’t know about me …
(honestly … these are not that deep … if you wanna know something just ask)

1. i don’t like crowds … but i occasionally work in a industry that forces me to deal with it.

2. i love PROCESS (the word, idea and action!)

3. i used to DJ

4. i used to had locs for 11 yrs

it was serious … real serious!

5. i have a sister and nephew that i LOVE & they live in DC

thank you @jatiphoto

6. i’m a balance of both positive and critical (… some say that means that i am mean w/ a smile)

7. i don’t like too many people but i’m good with people and i make a point to be nice, respectful & a positive influence to nearly everyone i encounter (KUUMBA)

8. i support the term BLACK. i think african-american is not accurate for me & many others.

9. i was born NJ & will defend it passionately, but i’m not hanging out in trenton!

10. i lived in springfield, VA for a while before my family moved to durham, NC

11. i am pro-peace but not a pacifist … and believe that violent revolution has a role in society

12. i was offered vocal scholarship to college but turned it down because i don’t like to sing in public

13. i’m an actor

14. i don’t like public speaking or being in front of a crowd of people, but when i’m in the situation i’m a great workshop presenter, teacher & speaker.

15. i love to work

16. i am superhuman

17. i don’t have degree (if you know of a school that may accept me … holler!)

18. i was vegetarian for 15+ years … now i eat fish

19. i don’t like to cook … BUT … i love to eat!

20. i love to be up early … take a power nap(s) … and be up late

21. i used to like to fight … actually … i still do … i just do it differently

22. i would rather be truthful than spare your feelings (stop crying!)

23. my favorite sport is futbol/soccer … my teams are manchester u … ghana black stars and … FC HARLEM


24. weusi baraka, was given to me at birth by my parents, it means “black blessing” … i have always been proud of it … others had issue with it

25. i have 2 tattoos

26. i don’t like to drive … plus it’s not good for the environment

27. when i get my big money … i’ll buy a few pieces of property, employ a driver and a cook

28. i can dance … i know that some of you know this but many have never seen it happen … they just hear about it

29. i don’t take good care of myself because i tend to put other first

30. i have great genes … my grandmother on my moms side is 96 and on my pops side my great-great grandmother lived to 106!

31. i used to host a reggae radio show in college. i liked when the DJ was late for the next segment because i could spin slow jams!

32. i like country & blugrass music … great lyrics, storytelling and musicianship

33. 333 is my old pager code … holler at me if you know about that!

34. i feel i’m oxymoronic because i have skill sets that conflict w/ my personality … hence the worlds shortest giant & socialite misanthrope, most careful risk taker, etc, etc, etc …

35. i can keep a secret really well … some of us share some jewels!

see … for real i’m a regular dude … with super powers …



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