nothing … poem … dr. angelou

I really don’t have anything to write about …
But i’m commited to write today …
So it’s time to be creative …
And since i can’t share the music in my head or sing this song to you … here’s a random poetic thought …

The moon held the kind of secrets only life tells death
the kind that scares hope, burdens fantasies and dews dreams before a day starts

The sun wandered in wonder … yet stayed silent
watched the tides ebb & flow
saw the awkward shift in the sea …
in the morning he shifted to the other side
That’s when he knew she was scared

Time had tricked fire into pulling a heist
But an onynx cloud spit on the idea ..

And sun prayed for the winds to whisper coltranes bassline to her …
and the she was soothed

And …
Oh …
I found this great quote from maya angelou …

“Every human being at some point will have clouds in their life. Some darker that others. You can go through the cloud, you can go around the cloud, or above it. No matter what, the light is always there. Your to seek, and to find.”

Have a great day …

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