sheen.biggie.change.japan … HUMILITY

I had a kinda whirlwind week emotionally …

on top of feeling a little detached, a job search that’s trying to break me, my want to give my nephew & my sister some attention … i was thinking of a tiger blood transfusion …

but then …

i got tired of hearing all the talk of charlie sheen’s winning, whining, tigerblood and warlocks. And at the same time … I’m glad that he feels good about his self. I’m glad that he worked out a situation that he and both his girlfriends are happy with. sorry that the situation wasn’t supported by your ex-wife. I found myself defending charlie sheen. Despite his manic tirades, I saw him as one of those victims and pawns of the media. It was kinda funny to me and it made sense to me when he said some things to the likes of “they’re jealous that i’m a rock star and they aren’t”, “i’ve been quiet for years. I come to work do my thing and i like my lifestyle. But now … I will stop hiding that I love my life and my greatness, and instead I will tell the world how great I am and defend it and myself violently.’” come on … how can you be mad at that? i’m not mad at that … I want everyone to live fearlessly … but …ummmm …. well … you aren’t really that important. I don’t want to see you on the news everyday.

SOOO … I was relieved when I heard BIGGIE everywhere in honor of the anniversary of his passing

but because things seldom hold my attention for long … and because I tend to be critical of things that I enjoy … the thrill of hearing Biggie (what seemed like every third song on radio & video!) was short lived.

I started to think about how many people I’m cool with that could remember where they were when Biggie passed but … don’t remember the transitions of ron brown (4/3/96)

or betty shabazz (6/23/97) …

or the release of nelson mandela (2/11/90)?

yes … Biggie is one of the greatest at his art and his tragic story has become one of hope, change and positive evolution for many … but for real … he’s just an entertainer.

While avoiding charlie sheen & biggie i started to look at some of the changes/struggles and freedom fights happening in the world right now. AS YOU READ THIS the rest of the world is changing/evolving/revolting … Egypt, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique,Tunisia, Yemen and Zimbabwe …

did you know that Belgium hasn’t had a government for over 300 days! hmmm … why aren’t you hearing about that political instability?but you hear about it in northern africa!\
need proof? (thanks @aja_monet)

It reminded me how privileged I am to be in america. (i still have trouble calling myself an american … that another blog). Then I actually started to feel “some kinda way” for not having a cause that I feel is worth, living and dying for. and then … I realized how narcissistic that was … these people are fighting for their lives and i’m whining about not having a life that’s rough enough to make me uncomfortable to fight back.

… then …

japan’s earthquake reminded me of how fragile life is and how we are at the mercy of the universe and how time is the keeper of us all.

and this is where my mind rest and reflects …

stay humble …

thanks khalil (@negrotambor)

i’m off in search of a humble job …


OHHHH … and i’ll tell you about the beauty in watching a seed meet a oak tree next time!


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