process … sweetback … hiphop theater …

this is going to be a quick blog and it may have a million and one typos because i’m making myself writ it in 10 minutes! the goal is to make sure that i write one this week! i gotta flip the process … i think i have to do it this way … other wise i want to think and talk about too much … so here i go …

last week i ran into melvin van peebles. if you don’t know about him you should do the research. he’s a considered the father of blaxplotation. his 3rd film, “sweetback’s baadasss song” set things of in 1971 because if pulled $4 million despite the fact that it we so controversial due to its racially and socially charged matter that no one really knew what to do with it!

since my time is short … that’s all i have to say about that …
i’m gonna call the brother today and try to book a interview with him for

then … i’m i’m back to work on the HIP HOP THEATER FESTIVAL NYC 2010

10TH NYC HIP-HOP THEATER FESTIVAL from Hip-Hop Theater Festival on Vimeo.

check out the schedule … you can get tix online … and if you’re in ny or are coming through and are interested in volunteering let me know …

our first event is saturday DOUBLE TROUBLE a breakdance battle/jam … there is a $2000 prize anad the big boys are coming from far and near to get it!

and follow us on twitter @hhtf2010 #hhtf2010 and there’s a facebook page

i gotta go … i went way over time …

the end … the beginning …



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