music … hip-hop theater … turning 40 … ego … more good music …

for real … i wanna start this with one of the greats from the indie music scene … DC’s own kokayi …

oh yea … and i’m working on the ny HIP HOP THEATER FESTIVAL *** [if you are interested in volunteering hit me at] …

now … i turned 40 a few days ago.

so … over 300 ppl shared public digital b-day love to me via facebook. that’s a lot of people! it’s humbling. I know these people and they took 30 seconds to say happy birthday … to me. some of them are close enough to me to know that I didn’t really celebrate birthdays for years. not mine, or other peoples. I still don’t celebrate my own. I call my parents & thank them, say prayers for friends, family, angels and ancestors that helped me through another year … and I keep it moving.

I know … some people are reading this and saying “he used to throw himself a b-day party!”. but the truth of the matter is that there was gonna be a JUST BCUS party and since it happened the same weekend as my b-day we tagged it on as a promotional tool. I didn’t care either way. I just wanted to have a succesful party. but that’s not what this blog is about … this is really about the perception of humility.

so then I read an article in fast company magazine about a dude that was “the” advertising and marketing “it” dude. he/his team made people by all kinds of stuff they didn’t like, need or want cool to the world. he had some exsesttential conflict within himself and moved the majority of his team to boulder, co for a zen like transition. dude had this thing going on where he was giving keys to his cottage to people that he felt had conquered fear. they could go there and be free of fear and create as their heart and soul desired! it was hella-hella cool, but … then the interviewer asked a few of his peoples from his past about him. they touched on how the dude left out the story of how he used to treat his employees before the move. some said he was a monster and a hella manipulative cat. the interviewer called dude back and asked him about it. dude just says something like …”that was the old me and i’m sorry that people feel that way. i’m not ashamed or sorry for that. i understand that was the past. i like everybody. the lowest you can get ids that i barley like you. but that just means i don’t deal with you. for me to dislike you would take too much of my energy.” that makes sense to me … let it go and the beat goes on … if you have a problem with it that’s your issue not mine. i did my thing int terms of coming to terms and reconciling with the wrong doings. right?

is someone showing humility when people acknowledge their b-day. more than often I would say no. it’s them realizing that they just got a bunch of attention and that it would be arrogant for them to say how much they like the attention. it’s like being passive agressive. but … the answer to if it’s true humility rest in the minds of the individuals being acknowledged. so answering the question for someone else is futile.

So … all that to say … thank you for all the love … i’m sorry to anyone that i offended, disrespected and did wrong in the past … i’m working on removing the ego … and i’m preparing for something big … (fear be gone! thank you @exittheapple)

and if you read this … you might like this …
*** NOTE*** these song are not representative of where i am emotionally right now … they’re just tunes i like!

it’s just a funny song … but it’s emotionally powered and great musical arrangements!

for real …

I’LL MAKE YOU ALL PROUD THIS DECADE … (wait until i write about turning 50!)


ps … if you really read this let me know … my blog counter says 200,000 ppl look at this … i don’t believe it!


2 thoughts on “music … hip-hop theater … turning 40 … ego … more good music …

  1. Hi, we're not acquainted but I was wondering if you could suggest a place to catch poetry slams in D.C. I recently moved from New York City where I enjoyed going to the Nuyorican Cafe, and I contacted the NPC to find out about poetry slams in D.C. They said I should check out Sol y Soul, but I couldn't find any recent events… and after some searching found this blog. If you could point me in the direction of something similar to the Nuyorican's Friday night poetry slams, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance,

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