challenges … LOST PHONE … reminders … FUTBOL [this is a long ass blog!]

i know it’s been a while … but hey … i’m looking for a job! [anyone hiring!?!]

i’m in DC for a few weeks working on a few things before i go back to providence … so holler at me … and I LOST MY PHONE [again … i think i need to write another blog about how i always get some hella deep life lesson whenever i loose my phone! ] … please hit me with your # and stuff! PLEASE! and let me know when i can see some of my long lost DC peoples!!!

speaking of DC … check out my DC/NC peoples Yahzarah/Purple Saint James new video!!!

it’s truly outrageous!

i’ve been busy … getting ready for

w/ my dude DON KING “VIP”, jess powers and munch w/ the funny face …

if you want little cheat sheet on who to look for … here you go … here you go



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