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i’m back … for real … sort of … ? …!

so it’s been a month since i got back into the US from paris and although i’ve written a few blogs i have yet to actually post anything. my bad. things are kinda crazy right now but i SHiNE … so … dig it.

so with that said … i’m trying to write at least one blog a week … i may need some help being kept on task here! call me if i start to slip … no e-mails … i’ll ignore it to easily! i enjoy writing and want to doit more often so i am working not to fall into my old habits that may not contribute to my new mindset.
so i thank you for your suport,spurring and patience!

so for this blog …

i’m gonna talk about the past few weeks and how no one told me that i’d need time to adjust to being back here in DC. i just figured that i knew dc so i’d just jump back into the swing of things like i never left … NOT. i still say merci a the cash register! it was one few words thast i knew how to use correctly. every now and then i say “d’accord … d’accord” [fo sho … fo sho; yea cool; i agree])…

it forced me to look at all the ways that the trip influenced me. and i mean more than the weight i lost by all the walking and eating less fatty & drugged up foods. it shifted how i think and how i view some things. it also reminded me of many things that i knew but had not implemented in my everyday life. to wrap it all up …

as a child …
dreams meant fantasy
NOW … as an adult …
i see dreams as the starting point to a planning PROCESS.
a process that has goals/milestones/progress markers & tangible outcomes!

and …

that some of the things that i called freedoms had limits.
and by relinquishing some of my freedoms i also empower myself to engage in new experiences instead of those same old habits

now … for all my peoples in PARIS … thank you again for sharing your paris with me … and now … welcome to my DC …

i’m back … and it’s cold!!!

there are reports of up to 30 inches of snow that fell in parts in parts of DC.
but now … i’m not there … i’m in nj … i out ran escaped the blizzard!!!

a “mentee” asked me to swing by their school and talk to them about some issues they were having. a teacher thought that i was the students father. when i left i thought … “damn, your ass is kinda old … you could really be the father of high school senior.”

yo … this was what i watched while i was in NJ thinking about my peoples in DC that were really snowed in!

blacking up:

it has nothing to do with anything i posted but it was a good documentary. especially for youth and media education.