fearless, singing, pannini, showers

today was funny …

at least it was for me!

i started it like this …

“today … i will be fearless … i will write w/o fear of others response … i will sing outloud while i walk he streets of paris … in the rain … and enjoy it all … i SHiNE … u SHiNE!”

i walked the streets of paris …
and when i wanted to sing … i sang!
gil scott herron, jon lucien, anthony hamilton, w. ellington felton, keith ailer, and a bunch of songs that i made up! well … i made up half the words to the other songs too .. because i don’t know the actual words!lol!

i talked to myself out loud …
said hello to people (in french and english)
that was funny because they don’t really do that while walking down the street here.

NO … i didn’t document it!

but it was a great day …

i wrote some good stuff and had some great revelations in this story through the characters but there are still some holes in the story. i can’t share it until i can fill the gaps. be patient!

then … i stopped to get a pannini on my way home … and that’s where this story starts …

and this sister walks in and the dudes in the there start smiling and acting really nice to her. she’s cut and has hella body. they are obviously flirting. they they mention something about me being american and kind of chuckle. they continue to talk and she gets her orange soda and as she’s talking to them and walking out, she looks me up and down, brushes by me uncomfortably close and says something to me. smiles and exits. i have no idea what she’s said but i’m feeling it’s kind of flirtatious. i’m feeling a little awkward now. the dudes in the shop laugh and then tell me she worked down a few doors down and invited me to come by. i brushed it off laughed, grabbed my sandwich and keep it movin’. i exit to go home. i make a right and see the young lady w/ her back to me. she doesn’t see me. but i watch her toss a cigarette away and walking into a store front. i can’s see where she works though because i’m parallel the doorway. i walk a few doors down and realize she a WORKING woman at a sex shop! she wasn’t flirting w/ me … she was trying to get some work!
how does one get propositioned by a hooker!?! i felt both cheap and my ego was stroked. damn!

so … i’m on my way home and i see this …

i haven’t told rockstar cuz or lil cuz … i’m not ready for the jokes!
don’t get that mixed up w/ fear … i just don’t feel like it!!!

now back to writing … this story is interesting and i like giving the characters depth but have to figure out how to make that translate in the story! this is fun though …

ohhh … i can’t forget to say thank you to ferricia and cae (thanks tone & binajoy) for the hospitality & convo & wine & tea & home cooked spinich pie from mom & pops & couch. we hung out one night and i missed the last train and they let me, a total stranger, sleep on the couch. AND … they let me take a shower the next morning … in a stand up shower! AMEN! they are the greatest! i wanna visit daily now!

check cae’s tunes at here
and ferricia here and here

and for all time …
until next time …



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