the past few days …

the past few days have been art filled!!!

i did a some good writing.
a little remix to the story and some character development … but for real …

it’s been visual art engagement time!

today’s blog goes out to MUNCH & JATI

if you don’t know jati lindsey

he is a professional photographer based in DC but has exhibited internationally. check his site for some of his work. and this isn’t the best stuff! and dude has a bunch of sites/projects he’s linked to! he’s not just good. he’s GREAT. really top quality in his process and his product.

he even did this … for me …

and MUNCH … he’s my best friend … but he’s not doing the website thing … you just gotta know how to connect w/ the mystery man known as MUNCH … and don’t ask about the nickname … he [nor anyone in his family] will tell! anyway …

so check it out …

while walking … i hit a stretch of camera shops … and people were in there like they were having a black friday sale! it was crazy! i literally passed like 7-10 camera shops that all were bubbling with customers and hella energy!

but i was focused because i was headed to a little cafe where i like to go write. i walked past a store front that had a a photo that caught my eye. at first i walked past it … and then thought … why not? so, i went back to go in the space.

the photo was by francoise huguier …

i peeped a few photos in the small storefront gallery. then saw a sign that i thought was directing people to another gallery space. then i saw someone walk through the door … and i knew that there was more!

i went out the back door of this small space into a open courtyard that lead to another free standing building. i entered the world of polka galerie.

JATI … you would have gone crazy dude!
GREAT photos from photographers from around the world.

i’m not gonna hit you with the long list and no … i didn’t take pictures of the pictures [that’s tacky!] but here’s the link to the gallery and the magazine.

but … here’s my short list … these people had pieces that stood out to me lizzie sadin, julio bittencourts, marc riboud, ethan levitas,

ok so … i like to go to the furthest point in a gallery and then work my way back to the front. so, as i go through the gallery and i approach the door i hear some dudes speaking english. i see a brother sitting there w/ stacks of books in front of him. i speak. he speaks. we start to talk. and it turns out its stanley green signing copies of his book black passport.
cool dude [and talib kweli‘s uncle]. so then i roll out … i’ve got writing to do!

but then i get to my lil cafe spot and it was packed! vibe is all off … so, what do i do? i got to more gallery’s!!!

LOCUS SOLUS @ the yvon lambert gallery

there were 2 other galleries small galleries that i checked out …
i didn’t get info from one but the other was galerie xippas and they were displaying a few of the archaic abstract styled works of this cat andre’ butzer.
the pics don’t give the pieces justice. they are large pieces that use color and texture and there are very intimate moment in the work. i’m just open to abstract art … and yes there are some pieces that don’t resonate w/ me but i see this cats process. i picked up his artistic statement as i was leaving and i was right about this dude! i’m not gonna tell you what it said that would ruin the experience for you.

so yea a lot of art today!

and for MUNCH … i passed about 6 eyeglass shops … DOPENESS!!!
but i’m not gonna get into that … hit me if you want me to find a spot and pick up something for you!!

and yesterday was art overload too …

i went to a incredible exhibit called “WE WANT MILES” at the cite de la musique …

i can’t even think of words that can describe this incredible exhibit!!!

photos, listening stations, videos, scores, interviews, personal & professional letters and correspondences, 2 basquiat pieces and my favorite part … there were these hand written notes and one was signed … miles davis motherfucker … dude was such a G!

i couldn’t read any of the text that accompanied the pieces because they were all in french. so, i don’t know how much it delved into his personal life. they had pics of him and his various loves and some personal pictures and items … so i assume they talked about his abuse & drug issues. either way it was hella fresh!

while rock star cuz & i were walking to it we passed a group of elementary school kids that were singing his name as they were returning from the exhibit! yea … it had that kind of impact on you!

oh … and i saw mike ladd last night! he KILLED it! he mixed live music, spoken word & improvisational hosting that seemed like theater with hip hop!
when i find some more up to date stuff from him … i’ll post it.

and i know i said that i’d have pics but … you see all these links … i’ll get some soon!

tomorrow i’ll post a review of my first month in paris … i’m warning you though … a bunch of personal, introspective babble & stuff.



4 thoughts on “the past few days …

  1. hey Weusi, yes we went to Miles Dais exhibit too, and i have to say i don't remember any axhibit having this kind of impact on me !!! that was just so inspiring and nuturing for all the senses. it was like you had the feeling to live the biggest moments of Miles Davis life, ” with him”… crazy i laughed, cry, sung …
    good for the soul !!

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