new moon, new vision … new music …

so …

i’m in paris fool …

i just saw this movie NEW MOON w/ lil cuz. she’s a has a crush on this taylor lautner dude. who has his shirt off for 1/2 the movie. which i’m sure fueled the record breaking $72.2 million opening night! in one day! anyway …
what up …

i had a great day today. it was great for me because i had a break through on my writing. today i found a spot on a bench, on the channel, across from the ugliest building in paris! maybe the ugliest i’ve ever seen. it was a big ass vertical corrugated metal box with a 2 story smoke stack coming out the top. no windows. it was terrible but … i sat down and started writing and what i needed to write came out today. i recognized that i’d been trying to force stuff. but this is unquestionably what i need to be writing …

“it is the story of a man who had options. He took both right & left turns in life and did so knowing that he couldn’t turn back the hands of time so he never regretted anything. he felt felt that the decisions were the right for him at that moment in his evolution so he never looked back. He loved, lost love and made love, made friends and made enemies.”

i’m excited about this new direction. i like the idea of a story that includes all of these elements and a character that has enough depth that you see the complexities of life in the character and they can be shard in any setting because of the characters depth. you may love some decisions and hate others. love some actions and hate others. agree w/ some logic and others you may disagree with. yu may even hate their reasoning to do something but love what they do. and hate them afterward! it’s a emotional roller coaster and what could be a real story!

the other part of this is that i feel like to day has clarified a few things for me interms of my life direction. i’m still scared to say that i’m an artist and that i need to dedicate my self to being artistic but i kinda know that i NEED to make place to create art in my life. but i’m not with being poor and without any more!!! if that means getting gig at a burger joint so that i can do it … c’est la vie … ok not really but i’m willing to spend a portion of my time working for someone else so that i can make great things happen in my life knowing that will touch the others in the long run. plus it will only be for a short time! anyone hiring … hahaha … but for real … what up! or even better … someone wanna be my angel patron or get me arts residency created for recovering workaholic arts administrators!)

i also recognized that i’m really willing and i HAVE to to make more sacrifices in general if i really want the growth that i say i want to happen in various areas of my life … personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, etc! [thank you & i’m sorry: fam, friends, ex’s, environment’s, munch, mom, pop, aunts, uncles, ex’s, nj, niambi, nik, lisandra (keep sending me stuff), ny, shawn, toy, andrea, mal, dc, rahshaan, skillz, u street, probably you, and you, and you … etc!) and by coincidence …

it’s thanksgiving today too … and wednesday we gathered as peoples and had dinner together … but we do that often. we did talk about the things we’re thankful for. but in general …

i don’t like holidays … actually … i don’t like being told when i’m supposed to make a moment that was important to you, important in my life & add it as a ritual in my lifestyle. (ok … yea at time i have issues w/ authority). plus … i’m thankful everyday! and no one, especially not the US gov’t which did so much to TRY to destroy my family & community, is gonna tell me (and/or my peoples) when i celebrate the people i love! they say they’re making it easier by giving every one a day off but then they capitalize on it so much that it’s often times detrimental to the individuals that they created the “holiday” for. well in my case … they got the wrong idea … i’m free! and i say that with love for my peoples, my freedom and a belief in truth and justice.

and i’m not a scrooge … and just to show you i’m not crazy … peep the video … it is comedy!!! thanks to my mellow, my man, who you should all peep and check his art and activism … the incredible … josh healy

get the vodka & rum mixtape here

the other part of this trip is that i wanna connect the dots for artist and dj’s in the states to venues & promoters here.i’ve missed a couple chances but i’m on it this weekend.

i also missed my new homie welela’s performance tonight. my bad … other duties had to be taken care of first. but we still peoples right!?!

shouts to KCH crew, sol, paris, melodie, mervin, shelli and me and u!

live your truth …

SHiNE [brillez]


One thought on “new moon, new vision … new music …

  1. love that you're there, breaking thru, finding you, U R Art it's true . . .while connecting pls check for spaces, opportunities, faces where visual artists, sculptures, instillation types can showcase — enjoy each moment, living fully

    be well

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