day 1 in paris … the begining …

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this kinda long … but it’s the start of something new …

i was awake for almost 48 hrs before i got on the plane so … i fell asleep before we took off …
i was w/ my lil cousin and she was seated somewhere else on the plane … but she’s 13 going on 33 and i didn’t really worry about her.

i awoke to dinner being served … pasta & wild mushrooms, cous cous, water, bread pudding, chocolate cake … and of course on a air france flight … a baguette, some cheese & wine.
i ate and then went back to sleep … thanks to “soul fatigue” (my new term for the “itis”).

i awoke again for breakfast … it was a sweet roll, yogurt, water and tea and some other stuff but i don’t really remember … i ate the roll and went back to sleep. yea … again … “soul fatigue”

then the plane hit a little dip as we started to descend. i’m awake now …

i read a few articles in my INC mag on stan lee, ayn rand and 19 blogs that they felt i should bookmark … good stuff … but anyway …

we land … go through customs … we get our baggage and after a few minutes find our bearings, then … we exchange our dollars for euro’s … DAMN … my feelings were hurt … my hard earned money was worth NOTHING! [note to self: find a way to make some euro’s!!!] we made our way to the train. my baggage got caught in the turnstile and i got to say “merci!” … i was excited to get to use 1 of the 4 french words i know!!!

we ride the train to gard de nord and walk a few blocks to the house. the neighborhood is kinda tourist heavy … there’s a lot going around here. i’m sure you’ll here more in the days/weeks to come.

we get to the house and meet the house mate and she shows me around. the rooftop view is CRAZY!!! i’m having issues w/ my phone and up loading the pics but i’ll show you sooner or later.

a cold autumn rain … good conversation … napping … sleeping on and off .. few cups of tea & homemade chocolate cake … a walk to the grocery store … a stop at a cafe for coffee … more convo w/ corrections on my poor french pronunciations … food … sleep …

today …
i awake to sunshine … drink tap water … read (the everyday work of art by eric booth) … unpack my sneakers & grandpa’s jacket … listen to silence … journal … some tunes (these are some of my the artist in the mix … FE, crossrhodes, issabella banneker, stephen marley, neena freelon, purple st james, k’alyn, mary lou williams, munch, adelle, kev brown, etc) … now, i’m writing this blog but i’m about to hit the streets for a few hrs … and do nothing … no sight seeing today … i’m really doing nothing!!!

this feels good … a real cool vibe …*(thank you all)* … stay tuned!

so … later …

paris day 1 [haiku x3]

here time means nothing.
sun, sound, art and my truth lead.
visions trek blindly.

dark rooftop skylights
play slow motion pity pat
with the sun & clouds

no rush … day meets night.
the time is now … then it’s gone.
enjoy the moment.

SHiNE [brillez]


5 thoughts on “day 1 in paris … the begining …

  1. YOOOO!!!! Im glade your settled and getting the feel of Europe, i think dats Europe right???lol Anywho dont forget about us here in the states! i START my new job this weekend, well one of them cuz i now have two! but you have basically been my inspriration to get my stuff together and head back to the CHI!!!! yea, i got too, its alot of unfinish biz I got there, soo yea Im grinding, so i can write wonderful blogs like you about my experiences…well send me your mailing address I have some things i wanna send you, that cant wait for your return. AITE!!! Pc bruh!! tell da fam I said Hello!!!

  2. I just wanted to say WOOT! WOOT! (that's me cheering you on!)

    You inspire people in ways you may never realize. Keep writin', I'll be readin'…

  3. sounds cool. make sure you hang in montmartre, go to the puisse marche tomorrow in porte clignacorte (i think it's there, saturn will know).

    watch out for the crs (fascist cops in all blue)

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