so now what … i’m smiling … be careful …

great … you voted …


no matter who wins your community needs help …

all the ime and energy you spent canvassing, promoting, organizing and the loot you contributed to fundraisers you OWE it to your community to commit at least 1/2 of that to a local organization over the next year!

if you haven’t noticed the trickle down theory hasn’t been working … and w/ the finacial climate there’s not much to trickle down! we have to invest in our own community fiscally, spiritually and w/ our time and sweat equity. everyone knows someone that organized and/or promoted a fundraiser. make sure those people pick a local organization to do the same type of event for!

hller at me about how you can et involved w/ SOL y SOUL or other great organizations. i’ve got contact around the world w/ pople that are doing great works. figure out your passion/cause and commit some time to it. even if it’s something that’s not for the community. do it. but make sure you find a way to provide some good for someone other than yourself in some way, shape, fashion or form when doing “your thing”!

i talked to my 94 yr old grandmother today …
she was getting dressed whil she was waiting for someone to pick her up so that she could go vote! that’ fly!

she knows my voice … she calls me by different names every now and then but she knows who i am … my grandmother may be able to witness a black president or a civil war/race. either one will make her happy. i know she;s tired of seeing our people playing the role of the fool. she wants to see us shine. she’s love to see a black president. and would also be proud to see us fight back against injustice.

i just want everyone to be careful tonight!



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