good morning … poem

i just felt like writing this morning …
this is kinda a edited stream of consciousness peace happening now …

it’s early …
dawn has yet to kiss the city
flooded with the smoke of sound & scents … before light

feet punch street concrete
hopes that one day street will return the licks
in the form a fresh pair of kicks
like lovetaps from that kid that sat behind you in the second grade

that same kid
grown up now
that in the 7th grade grew like plants to the light
now hides from the sun …
races to night like heart beats on heroin high

life beats from a heart …
heart beat’s life …
life beats death …
but “have you ever turned your soul inside out
so that the world can watch you die?” …
the lifebeats the sun to death

no more exchanges of
orange wedges for cheese curls
lunch bag snacks

just lovetaps

sun to moon …
life to death …
streets to dreams …

ok … so … i started writing this@ like 6:08
then i feel asleep w/ my laptop on my chest!
so this is what you get … i’m done …

i guess this is a window into how think …

i see the beauty of the new day anad i’m excited abou the dynamic options life has to offer but i still see my peoples struggle.

selah …



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