Me … You … Biggie … Haiku 

By Weusi Baraka

1. Me

For a long time i identified and defined myself through the lens of the community that i served. My life has changed. Now, husband, father, homeowner and student are the words i’ve used most often to describe myself. These are cool but i’m kinda lost out here. i miss my old community. i miss my role in the community and having positive impact on people beyond my family. 

2. You

i started writing this blog regularly as the things around me started to change. 

i want to make some changes in my life. Writing more is one of the things i feel that i NEED to do on a regular basis. 

i tend to respond to community more effectively than self motivation. Because of this i am asking for your help with this desire to write. if you have my email or phone number, holler at me and ask why i haven’t written in a while. If you don’t have my personal info then leave a comment. If you have a question that you would like me to address, holler at me. Just make sure that i write.

3. Biggie

Today is the anniversary of Biggie’s murder. He deserves to be recognized. BUT … He was a great emcee not a national or international influence. There are a bunch of people who were not effected by his life, music or death. Because of this, i kinda wanna set the record straight that he was murdered not assassinated. And yes, i know, people always give me the arguement that there were government influnces but if that was the defining factor of an assassination then every crackhead that died or person shot by an officer (justly or u justly) would be an assassination. Anyway … RIP Biggie …

4. Haiku

Words don’t write themselves 

but they are birthed from the wind

And heart gives them life

*i haven’t written in a while so I’m a lil rusty, sorry.


35 things that you might not know about me …

Some things many don’t know about me …
(honestly … these are not that deep … if you wanna know something just ask)

1. i don’t like crowds … but i occasionally work in a industry that forces me to deal with it.

2. i love PROCESS (the word, idea and action!)

3. i used to DJ

4. i used to had locs for 11 yrs

it was serious … real serious!

5. i have a sister and nephew that i LOVE & they live in DC

thank you @jatiphoto

6. i’m a balance of both positive and critical (… some say that means that i am mean w/ a smile)

7. i don’t like too many people but i’m good with people and i make a point to be nice, respectful & a positive influence to nearly everyone i encounter (KUUMBA)

8. i support the term BLACK. i think african-american is not accurate for me & many others.

9. i was born NJ & will defend it passionately, but i’m not hanging out in trenton!

10. i lived in springfield, VA for a while before my family moved to durham, NC

11. i am pro-peace but not a pacifist … and believe that violent revolution has a role in society

12. i was offered vocal scholarship to college but turned it down because i don’t like to sing in public

13. i’m an actor

14. i don’t like public speaking or being in front of a crowd of people, but when i’m in the situation i’m a great workshop presenter, teacher & speaker.

15. i love to work

16. i am superhuman

17. i don’t have degree (if you know of a school that may accept me … holler!)

18. i was vegetarian for 15+ years … now i eat fish

19. i don’t like to cook … BUT … i love to eat!

20. i love to be up early … take a power nap(s) … and be up late

21. i used to like to fight … actually … i still do … i just do it differently

22. i would rather be truthful than spare your feelings (stop crying!)

23. my favorite sport is futbol/soccer … my teams are manchester u … ghana black stars and … FC HARLEM


24. weusi baraka, was given to me at birth by my parents, it means “black blessing” … i have always been proud of it … others had issue with it

25. i have 2 tattoos

26. i don’t like to drive … plus it’s not good for the environment

27. when i get my big money … i’ll buy a few pieces of property, employ a driver and a cook

28. i can dance … i know that some of you know this but many have never seen it happen … they just hear about it

29. i don’t take good care of myself because i tend to put other first

30. i have great genes … my grandmother on my moms side is 96 and on my pops side my great-great grandmother lived to 106!

31. i used to host a reggae radio show in college. i liked when the DJ was late for the next segment because i could spin slow jams!

32. i like country & blugrass music … great lyrics, storytelling and musicianship

33. 333 is my old pager code … holler at me if you know about that!

34. i feel i’m oxymoronic because i have skill sets that conflict w/ my personality … hence the worlds shortest giant & socialite misanthrope, most careful risk taker, etc, etc, etc …

35. i can keep a secret really well … some of us share some jewels!

see … for real i’m a regular dude … with super powers …


nothing … poem … dr. angelou

I really don’t have anything to write about …
But i’m commited to write today …
So it’s time to be creative …
And since i can’t share the music in my head or sing this song to you … here’s a random poetic thought …

The moon held the kind of secrets only life tells death
the kind that scares hope, burdens fantasies and dews dreams before a day starts

The sun wandered in wonder … yet stayed silent
watched the tides ebb & flow
saw the awkward shift in the sea …
in the morning he shifted to the other side
That’s when he knew she was scared

Time had tricked fire into pulling a heist
But an onynx cloud spit on the idea ..

And sun prayed for the winds to whisper coltranes bassline to her …
and the she was soothed

And …
Oh …
I found this great quote from maya angelou …

“Every human being at some point will have clouds in their life. Some darker that others. You can go through the cloud, you can go around the cloud, or above it. No matter what, the light is always there. Your to seek, and to find.”

Have a great day …

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sheen.biggie.change.japan … HUMILITY

I had a kinda whirlwind week emotionally …

on top of feeling a little detached, a job search that’s trying to break me, my want to give my nephew & my sister some attention … i was thinking of a tiger blood transfusion …

but then …

i got tired of hearing all the talk of charlie sheen’s winning, whining, tigerblood and warlocks. And at the same time … I’m glad that he feels good about his self. I’m glad that he worked out a situation that he and both his girlfriends are happy with. sorry that the situation wasn’t supported by your ex-wife. I found myself defending charlie sheen. Despite his manic tirades, I saw him as one of those victims and pawns of the media. It was kinda funny to me and it made sense to me when he said some things to the likes of “they’re jealous that i’m a rock star and they aren’t”, “i’ve been quiet for years. I come to work do my thing and i like my lifestyle. But now … I will stop hiding that I love my life and my greatness, and instead I will tell the world how great I am and defend it and myself violently.’” come on … how can you be mad at that? i’m not mad at that … I want everyone to live fearlessly … but …ummmm …. well … you aren’t really that important. I don’t want to see you on the news everyday.

SOOO … I was relieved when I heard BIGGIE everywhere in honor of the anniversary of his passing

but because things seldom hold my attention for long … and because I tend to be critical of things that I enjoy … the thrill of hearing Biggie (what seemed like every third song on radio & video!) was short lived.

I started to think about how many people I’m cool with that could remember where they were when Biggie passed but … don’t remember the transitions of ron brown (4/3/96)

or betty shabazz (6/23/97) …

or the release of nelson mandela (2/11/90)?

yes … Biggie is one of the greatest at his art and his tragic story has become one of hope, change and positive evolution for many … but for real … he’s just an entertainer.

While avoiding charlie sheen & biggie i started to look at some of the changes/struggles and freedom fights happening in the world right now. AS YOU READ THIS the rest of the world is changing/evolving/revolting … Egypt, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique,Tunisia, Yemen and Zimbabwe …

did you know that Belgium hasn’t had a government for over 300 days! hmmm … why aren’t you hearing about that political instability?but you hear about it in northern africa!\
need proof? (thanks @aja_monet)

It reminded me how privileged I am to be in america. (i still have trouble calling myself an american … that another blog). Then I actually started to feel “some kinda way” for not having a cause that I feel is worth, living and dying for. and then … I realized how narcissistic that was … these people are fighting for their lives and i’m whining about not having a life that’s rough enough to make me uncomfortable to fight back.

… then …

japan’s earthquake reminded me of how fragile life is and how we are at the mercy of the universe and how time is the keeper of us all.

and this is where my mind rest and reflects …

stay humble …

thanks khalil (@negrotambor)

i’m off in search of a humble job …


OHHHH … and i’ll tell you about the beauty in watching a seed meet a oak tree next time!

I’m a spiritual person.

I believe that I am a small part of something that is so vast and expansive that it is truly beyond the realm of a mortal’s imagination.

my belief is that everything happens for a reason. the logic that schedules my moments and movements in this universe may or may not have anything to do with me. I am but a pawn in the grandest scheme of things … yet … this philosophy works in unison with the idea that we are smiliar to stars.

How? There are billions of stars out there in an infinite number of galaxies, yet to be discovered. .. but even within those glaxies there are some stars that SHINE brighter and are more relevant and influential to certain planets/rocks. Some stars are suns. Some stars become black holes, which in a way are inverted suns that instead of giving off light & heat energy, they absorb it. And yes, there are some stars that are bright and do nothing!

All that to say we are like stars in the sense that some people & stars are here for no apparent reason. And others are more influential and control planets, worlds & universes. Because of that some of us must take more responsibility for our actions/motions due to their influences on others.

I know which group i am in. I shine. And i say that witha humility that acknowledges that i am such a small part in this massive universe that i’m the equivalent to a hydrogen atom in the ocean.

(I used examples of the sun & water because i feel that theses are the most powerful yet under recognized influences on our planet.)

*note: this is just one of the many philosophies of mine … no, I haven’t done any research on it.


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